Brookside Animal Hospital provides veterinary surgical services for companion pets in the vicinity of Tulsa, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Berryhill, and Jenks, Oklahoma. Our qualified and experienced veterinarian routinely performs spays and neuters, laceration and wound repair, soft tissue surgery, gallbladder, spleen, bladder, foreign object removal, mass removal, c-sections and other reproductive surgeries.

If surgery is found to be necessary for your pet, you can rest assured that our experienced doctor and staff will take the utmost care of your pet and treat it as our own. Here at Brookside Animal Hospital, we recognize that every pet is unique. That is why our veterinarian conducts an evaluation prior to every surgery in order to create an anesthetic protocol that is best suited to your pet. We will take into consideration your pet’s species, breed, age, and health in order to ensure better anesthesia with fewer problems or complications. We also monitor vital signs of each patient throughout all stages of surgery and recovery, and provide antibiotics and pain medications post surgery to ensure your pet’s comfort.

We understand that surgical procedures are a cause of concern for most pet owners. For this reason, we strive to put our clients at ease by providing the best veterinary surgical care available, and keeping an open line of communication with pet parents before, during, and after surgery. Whether your pet is of the age to be spayed or neutered, or needs a different procedure, Brookside Animal Hospital is here to provide for the surgical needs of your pet.